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From the title of this series, you already know that I believe there is no such thing as balance. We have already discussed the symptoms – the overwhelming feeling, the sense of dissatisfaction – that often leads us to believe balance is the solution.

But balance is the solution only if a lack of balance is the problem.

Up until this point, we have established that a life of meaningful accomplishment and deep satisfaction comes from spending the majority of our time pursuing only those things that are top priorities. And we can know what our top priorities are by determining, first, our passions and, second, our purpose.

Passions lead to Purpose. Purpose leads to Priorities.

Engaging in the activities that are priorities [determined to be priorities by virtue of them being an outgrowth of knowing your purpose] is a major component of the cure to reoccurring overwhelm and dissatisfaction.

What is the engine that takes the locomotive of meaningful accomplishment down the tracks in a powerful way?

From all we have discussed thus far, we can see how important it is, then, to know what we are really passionate about. Like having a clean desk, that “knowing” provides the mental clarity necessary to decide what our purpose is in being on this planet.

We can now see that we are not here to live a balanced life. We are here to ask and answer two nagging questions: How am I uniquely equipped to serve those around me in such a valuable way that it can provide for my needs? and What might that look like?

A significant amount of calm from the chaos can come from knowing and living the answer to those questions. A significant amount of calm, but not all there is to be had. There is one element to the successfully lived life that animates all the other parts. Actually, I would refer to this part as the engine.

We are not taking this train down the tracks toward the horizon until the powerful engine gets installed. What is the engine?

  • It is the driving force that will take you to new places
  • It is the foundation for all people who accomplish great, meaningful things
  • It is what responsible parents teach their children as carefully as animals in the wild teach their young how to survive

The engine is Belief.

We don’t lack balance. Balance – or lack thereof – is not the problem. We lack belief.

The vast majority of us need a massive, unmistakable, unshakable dose of belief. It is simply not enough to know certain things. The magic isn’t even in applying things you know. No. The biggest leaps of progress and growth and positive change and sustained success comes from stepping from the known into the unknown, but believed; from what you know to what you believe.

We are not here to merely know certain things, and then apply what we know. The magic is in believing certain things and applying those beliefs. We were created not merely to be knowers, but to be believers.

See you in Part 6

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