Put It Down – Part 1

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What if I told you that I have a tool that, when used, will help give you the ability to blast through any obstacle and do things with your life that you never thought you’d be able to do?

Two things happen whenever I read words like that.

First, I think to myself, “Cool! I believe that. Let’s get going. I want to experience these positive changes right away. Bring it on!”

And then invariably something else happens. A surge of negativity, doubt and cynicism sweeps in like a radio-active tsunami to put the kibosh on anything that suggests massive personal progress is possible… for me. That “dark side” wants to cause me to conclude: Sure, maybe others can blast through intractable obstacles… but not me. I’m stuck.

With the availability of books and blogs and a wealth of life experience to draw from, we truly do have quick access to all the tools we need to blast through virtually all of life’s obstacles. Asking and answering questions with a positive premise is one of the most powerful tools we can put into play without delay.

I know that you can relate to this teeter-totter. We are all wired the same way. We are all subject to the same pattern; the same kinds of internal resistance to breaking free of mediocrity.

So there: I’ve acknowledged the elephant in the living room. A part of us likes the hope represented by powerful promises like the one above. Conversely, there’s a part of us that doubts it is possible to blast through obstacles and do things that have never been done.

You’ve known about this internal conflict of interest for a long time. But since you are reading about it right now, let’s do something about it right now. I challenge you – RIGHT NOW – to take a little break… starting right now.

Let’s mentally halt that tsunami of negativity for at least a few moments. Imagine yourself raising your hand against the coming surge of cynicism and commanding it to stop. Then go ahead and slam a big steel door in front of it. There.

Alright, so at least for these few minutes while you read and consider the content of these words, you’ve chosen to limit yourself to only thinking about powerful possibilities while all the negative stuff is locked out.

Okay, here is the tool I was referring to. While the surge of cynicism remains behind a big locked door, one after the other, ask yourself the following five questions, out loud:

What benefits have I experienced in life as a result of agreeing with I Can’t thoughts?

Have I suffered enough from I Can’t?

Isn’t it true that I have all the mental and emotional tools necessary to take me, incrementally, to the next level?

Isn’t it true that I am ready to use those tools at any time?

Who will be willing to help hold me accountable if I tell them what I want to do?

Once you have asked the above questions out loud, take the time to answer each one of them individually and out loud. Keep asking and answering these questions and the positive impact of spurring your subconscious into action will last for many, many years.

Notice how none of the questions focus on the obstacles or the negative circumstances that seem to hold us back. The idea there is simple: we have been giving that stuff more attention and weight than they deserve long enough.

There is one more very important question you must ask yourself as frequently as possible. It is the central question that many people have found to be indispensable when contemplating going in a new direction or getting rid of unwanted junk.

To be continued…

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