They Don’t Want You to Succeed – Part 1

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There are some people who aren’t happy when you blast through life’s obstacles. Conversely – and I know it sounds crass to say this – these same people make a very good living off of the status quo of a society full of people who aren’t Obstacle Blasters. So, if you’re committed to moving beyond the things that hold you back in life, perhaps it would be good to be aware of the groups of people out there (entire industries of people) who do not want you to succeed.

The legal industry.

Entire books have been written and movies have been made that highlight the egregious excesses of the legal industry.

If Americans decided to put an end to all the nonsense the “legal industrial complex” has foisted on all of us, how would we do it? We can’t file a class action lawsuit. The only people that know how to do that are lawyers!
Do divorce lawyers want all married couples to learn the secrets to a fulfilling lifelong relationship that gets better with time, not worse? No. Would trial attorneys like for more people to find non-litigious ways to settle controversies and disputes? No. Are tax attorneys lobbying for a simplified tax system? No.

(Check out the Faces of Lawsuit Abuse on Facebook)

Big Food.   

I urge you to commit at least six or so hours of your life to reading, watching documentaries, and/or talking to others about the devastating impact of the processed food industry on the health of the average person.

Learn how far we are from the fresh, plant-based diet that the human body thrives on. See how easy it really can be to replace the processed & packaged junk that too many of us consume, with more of the better, local, real food that will help us live a longer, healthier, more satisfying life.

Do the marketers of foods (and beverages) containing high fructose corn syrup want you to become educated about all the different types of sugars and, specifically, which sugars literally destroy healthy cells and which sugars are the indispensable food that causes cells to be healthy and ward off virtually any disease? Of course not.

Among the many positive ways the Western culture is unique, we oddly take pride in eating massive amounts of a type of food we happily refer to as “junk”

(Recently corn growers, in response to increased public awareness of the potential adverse health effects of high fructose corn syrup, have launched an expensive national ad campaign. The ads usually feature a young person – either prominently or somewhere in the background. The main message: the body can’t tell the difference between “regular” cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup, followed by this word-for-word phrase: “sugar is sugar.” There’s no kind way of labeling these ads. They are lying. The ads are extremely misleading. They are badly distorting the truth and counting on the fact that most people are too lazy to look any further than slick ads produced by the people who have a vested interest in a public that does not change its food and beverage buying habits.)

(Read a short article here about something called glyconutrients; an easy-to-understand intro into the world of cellular communication.)

Do the multi-national corporations that preserve and package fruits and vegetables in all their various forms (canned, frozen, juices, juices from concentrate, dried, etc.) want you to know how devoid of actual real food value their products are when compared to their fresh counterparts? No. Do they want you to know the possible health impact of some of the pesticides and preservatives they use, and how those chemicals can eliminate virtually all of the already limited benefit to your health than those products may have had? Certainly not.

We could consider similar questions when it comes to the meat, poultry and seafood we eat, the energy drinks we buy, and the desserts, and the snacks, and even the bottled water we buy. Yes, it sounds like a contemptuous question to ask, but it must be asked: does the mass food industry care deeply about the health and well-being of those who buy their products? Well, no. The answer is no.

To be fair, those companies don’t exist to care. They exist to make a profit and there is nothing inherently wrong or evil about that.

Putting it another way: it’s illegal to sell foods & beverages that kill people quickly. It’s profitable to sell foods & beverages that kill people slowly… if those foods & beverages are tasty enough.

I raise this topic to encourage you to care more about your health and the health of your family than you may have been until now because no one else will! It’s your responsibility! There are people out there who are literally banking on the fact that you won’t educate yourself about these topics. When you and I don’t make better choices about what goes into our bodies, they succeed and we (in terms of our health and longevity) fail.

And speaking of banking…

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