The Teacher Is the Student Series – #2

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This series contains ways that you can supercharge anything you’re learning; anything you want to internalize; anything you want to become more competent at, no matter the topic. If you do the things suggested in this series…

* You will learn faster

* You will comprehend difficult, new concepts more quickly

* You will blast through obstacles in life more swiftly and easily

The concept here is based upon the fact that those teachers who are thoroughly engaged in the subject matter they’re teaching, tend to learn at an ever-deeper level the material they are teaching.

Read, Then Teach

A great way to learn new material is to teach it… to yourself.

Say you’ve bought a great book that contains material that you are really looking forward to absorbing. Maybe somebody highly recommended it.

If you’re motivated to learn, here’s what to do:

Absorb new information by teaching it to yourself!

Stop reading when you’ve read one new concept or big idea. It could happen after just one paragraph, or an entire chapter. Usually it’ll be somewhere in between.

Out loud, in your own words, teach the material as if you’re teaching a workshop. Provide examples from your own experience. Restate things as much as you can, but make sure you’re incorporating the new knowledge as faithfully as possible.

Do this with each new concept or big idea. When you’ve progressed a little way through the book, you might go back to the beginning to do quick reviews of what you’ve taught (learned); a one or two sentence recap. If, by the time you’ve read the entire book, you can give a five minute verbal summary of each chapter, you can be sure you’ve gotten something out of it… hopefully what you wanted to get out of it.

Obviously, if you take the time to do this, it will take much longer to get through the books you read, but do you read a book in order to get to the end of the book? or do you read in order for the ideas, concepts, and principles to change you and make you better from the inside, out?

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