The Teacher Is the Student Series – #6

This series contains ways that you can supercharge anything you’re learning; anything you want to internalize; anything you want to become more competent at, no matter the topic. If you do the things suggested in this series…

* You will learn faster

* You will comprehend difficult, new concepts more quickly

* You will blast through obstacles in life more swiftly and easily

The concept here is based upon the fact that those teachers who are thoroughly engaged in the subject matter they’re teaching, tend to learn at an ever-deeper level the material they are teaching.

It’s Not What You Know

… but who you know.

Do you know people who know all the important stuff that you don’t know? If not, you need to widen your circle of influence and be a better networker. I say this because, although this series is about absorbing information, some things in life are not necessary to know; not if you know the right people and/or have quick access to the information you need. 

Do you know who is the best caterer in town? Maybe not. And maybe you don’t care right now. But perhaps you will want to know the answer to that question at some point. When you do, no problem. You probably know someone who can recommend a great caterer.

Be in the practice of increasing your awareness of the wealth of information and expertise that is available to you in the form of the people who know.

Albert Einstein never knew his own phone number. And when asked how many feet are in a mile, he said he didn’t know, explaining that he is not interested in memorizing information that he can look up somewhere.

Henry Ford had the same policy.

This concept was summarized by Scott Witt in his book How To Be Twice As Smart (1983): “It’s far easier to remember where to get information when you need it than to memorize the information itself.”

So, the lesson here – and the information you need to absorb – is to be aware of the human resources around you, and to make known to others how you are similarly prepared to be of service to them.                    

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