Take a moment to review the various categories of articles that can be found here at Obstacle Blaster. While not every article fits neatly into one of the categories listed below, a special effort is made to address these areas because, in my experience, these are the general topics (or categories) of concern for most people when they contemplate what & where they would like to see improvement.

Mindset – Our thoughts and our focus. How we think about the things we choose to think about. How the things we think about translates into choices, behaviors, habits.

Forgiveness – What forgiveness is and what it is not. Why forgiving others – and ourselves – is an important thing to do.

Personal Responsibility – The starting point for positive personal change. Those who choose not to take personal responsibility for any and all painful circumstances that are within their power to influence and control are, by default, their own worst enemy when it comes to blasting through to a better life.

Better Relationships – Relationships are the only thing that lasts. Twenty years from now, 90-plus percent of all our current possessions will be gone (thrown away, sold, given away, etc.), but we will still have the same relatives and many of the same friends. We should all be students of the art of relating well with others. If we were, we’d all be experts in 20 years.

Workplace Success – Millions of people work side by side millions of other people. The workplace can be a place of personal satisfaction… or hell… depending upon the job and those we work with. How well we relate with others on the job is a big part of that. The fundamental way we view others affects how we treat them and how we get treated. In the workplace environment, we’ve got to think fast when new (and old) challenges get tossed at us like a live grenade. We can be reactive or proactive. Or best of all, we can be preemptive.

Meaningful Accomplishment – How and why eliminating goals and goal setting is a good idea. Articles that discuss a much better alternative to goals. Some articles about being an effective leader.